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Swapping Selfies

Alex Jordan makes his Helix Studios debut when Jessie Montgomery lures the brunette boy to his apartment with a picture of his thick horny dick. Alex replies to Jessie’s booty call by sending back a selfie of his supple willing ass and the hook-up is on! The smooth studs get to know each other by trading introductory blowjobs before grinding it out bareback in this sexy new scene. Starring: Alex Jordan, Jessie Montgomery

Dylan and Sage: Unspoken

Love does crazy things to the mind and when Sage Porter spies Dylan Hall at the park his reality begins to fragment into the surreal. Their serendipitous encounter is charged with sexual tension as they’re drawn together by a captivating and lustful curiosity. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes the boys are gripped by a love so strong it remains unspoken. Starring: Sage Porter, Dylan Hall

Horny army boy gives and takes plenty of rock hard inches from a grateful civilian! HD

So hats off to Jason Mike – a cool-headed officer, who single-mindedly puts the interests of self to one side in the opening moments of this exquisite scene. His reward, of course, is in part the knowledge that he did the right thing; but in this particular instance his heroics also lead to the discovery of Yuri Adamov, a young twink who’s hiding in a disused building nearby and who’s clearly only relieved at meeting his rescuer.
It takes a brave man to be a soldier, but it takes a real hero to put his life on the line in order to tackle the threat of an unexploded mine or grenade.
Whether it’s greedily feasting on each other’s dicks whilst laid out top-to-tail, or taking it in turns to fuck each other’s hungry little ass-holes, these two cuties are determined to make the very most of their unexpected encounter. No doubt about it, you’re just gonna love watching them explore every inch of carnal pleasure – all culminating in both lads spewing fabulous quantities of goo in their primeval excitement. A reaction that will be no doubt matched back home!
So relieved, in fact, that he’s prepared to do literally anything to demonstrate his gratitude – which probably explains why he’s semi-naked in bed with Mike just a few moments later. Whether this is a professional move on the soldier’s part is a matter for debate, of course, but it’s not uncommon for those who live hard to want to play hard – and, believe us, playing hard is definitely what both these lads do for the ensuing quarter-hour!

Two exchange students give Lucius York a real “hard” time over a classroom desk! HD

Left in charge of exchange students, Zac Todd and Sven Laarson, he’s quickly outwitted by two scoundrels who are clearly eager to make trouble; and it’s no time at all before he’s lost complete control of the situation. Some people have a natural talent at maintaining discipline in the classroom, but it’s clear from the start that fresh-faced, curly-haired Lucius York is not one of those individuals.
It’s certainly not the kind of disciplined atmosphere that most of us would anticipate, that’s for sure, but we deny any of our fans not to be completely bowled over by what’s a superb performance from all three lads – most notably York, of course, who remains the focal point for all the hardcore testosterone on show. Culminating in him taking two deliciously generous face-shots, whilst working out a wad of his own for a gooey, over-the-top crescendo!
As a result, York is soon the passive player in a terrifically hot schoolroom threesome, as his two “charges” assume the lead by thrusting their thick, uncut dicks in his face. It’s at this point, of course, that he’d be quite entitled to balk. Far from it, however. If anything, the sight of all that meaty flesh sends the fellow onto another level, and before you know it he’s quite literally acting like a bitch on heat – a fellow who’s only objective is to get as much hard dick up his ass as he possibly can! Needless to say, he’s not left disappointed by these two horny fuckers, who promptly proceed to take turns screwing him over a desk in a spit-roasting frenzy!

Flip-flop fuckers get dirty – And new boy Yuri gets a hot, sticky facial as a result! HD

But now it seems the young Polish lad has a rival on his hands in the form of Russian boy-babe, Yuri Adamov – an equally dashing Eastern fuck-fiend, whose love for dick is clearly almost as insatiable as anyone you’re ever likely to come across.Kris Wallace has long-since established himself as one of the most popular models in the STAXUS stable, thanks to his almost unparalleled combination of good looks, handsome cock and seemingly limitless libido.
No question about it, these two guys are really into each other big-style; and there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that there’ll be whole legion of fans working out their wrist moves whilst appreciating the performance. Needless to say, both fellows squirt out superb wads of their own to call it a wrap – Adamov whilst being fucked, and Wallace moments later when he ruptures his balls all over his colleague’s angelic face!
Puns aside, however, this is a terrific set-piece that’ll appeal to any of you who love their lads to be fresh-faced, smooth and full of spunk – in other words, pretty much about everyone! Indeed, we defy even the staunchest celibate not to be won over by these two dark-haired beauties as they take turns to slurp on each other’s cocks and then to top-and-tail each other for yet more fellatio and some rather enthusiastic rimming. But all this fun, of course, is merely an appetiser for the main course of action: a flip-flop fuck, which sees Wallace ride Adamov’s knob cowboy-style, before the two lads reverse positions and Wallace bangs his new buddy’s ass to return the favour.