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Gay Twink Videos

Hot, horny blond twink – Nathan Dale, Oscar Hart & Shane Barret

At least that’s the impression you get when young bottle-blond, Nathan Dale, encounters the hunky Shane Barret during the course of a work-break.
Not that the fellow’s pleasure ends there. Having then sat upon and ridden Barret’s thick, meaty shaft, the young man finds himself with almost more cock than he knows what to do with when Oscar Hart unexpectedly enters the room. It’s an entrance that quickly results in Dale enjoying a very vigorous spit-roasting; before Hart promptly spews the contents of his balls all over the bottom’s cute young face. A move that is very quickly matched by Barret fucking the spunk out of his pal, before creaming his mouth! Ever wondered why the trains never seem to run on time and are constantly blighted by delays and cancellations? Well, it’s because the guys who conduct all the engineering work that’s necessary for the system to work are way too busy drinking coffee and – in this instance at least – sucking cock!
In fairness, of course, it’s quite understandable as to why the youngster should be so utterly distracted by his handsome colleague – let’s face it, who wouldn’t find themselves at least just a little overwhelmed by Barret’s toned physique and generously sized dick? But even so there’s no understating the lad’s response, which quickly involves deep-throating Barret’s ramrod; before lying himself out on a nearby desk to enjoy the fucking of a lifetime! Indeed, given the manner with which Dale’s cock quite literally dribbles with pre-cum during the course of his buggering, it’s clear that this is one very happy little twink!

Tim Law loves a swim – Carlos Santiago & Tim Law

Indeed, the moment he sees young Carlos Santiago looking down at him from the balcony above his attitude to spending time in the water appears to change quite markedly. For before you know what’s happened, Law has abandoned his aquatic antics and is back upstairs in order to give a thorough investigation to the handsome bulge in his buddy’s pants.
But what this filthy-minded Czech boy wants most of all is to have that thick, meaty, uncut dick deep inside his far from virgin ass-hole – an ambition that (in typical Law fashion) he achieves in no time at all. Indeed, he’s very quickly quite literally riding Santiago’s knob in reverse-cowboy style; before the horny black lad ploughs into his pucker with unrestrained force, banging a load out of Law’s balls in the process. By the time the local fellow busts his nuts onto Law’s face, there’s every chance you too will have creamed! Tim Law appears to love nothing better than to spend time swimming in the pool – or at least that’s what he’d like you to believe. The reality, of course, is somewhat different, of course; as anyone who’s seen him performing for STAXUS in the past will tell you.
And (make no mistake) what a bulge it is! Then again, given the size of the dick that soon emerges from the young black dude’s crotch what else would you ever expect? Needless to say, the dirty-minded white boy is down on that oversized ramrod like a thirsty antelope at a watering-hole; slurping on every fabulous inch available with the kind of gusto for which Law has long since been world-renowned.

Interracial raw sex – Adrian Rivers & Manuel Emilio

The towels come off almost the moment they reach their room; whilst both lads are taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s thick, uncut shafts in no time at all, eagerly feasting on the fine display of twink-meat on offer.
Cue a truly fabulous session of raw, sweaty boy-sex that sees the visitor give Emilio the kind of one-on-one workout that surely every fresher dreams off, culminating in a fabulous, full-on, spunk-wrenching facial that we just know you’re gonna love. Lying by the pool and enjoying the Caribbean sunshine is surely any young lad’s idea of a real good time, but it still doesn’t compete to the delight of sucking cock and fucking ass – as Adrian Rivers and Manuel Emilio are only too keen to demonstrate when they head for the bedroom, each dressed in nothing more than a pair of skimpy underwear and a bath-towel (wrapped around their waists). Not that the said garments remain on them for very long, it has to be said.
It’s at this point, perhaps, that you begin to realise why they were each so keen on quitting the sun-beds – who the fuck could resist such fun, after all? And the fact that Rivers is white and Emilio is a native Dominican makes their antics even more appealing, surely. But the real hardcore action only begins when the home-boy finally succumbs to his ferocious sexual appetite and allows his American guest to plough that handsome Yankee cock-head deep into his pert little ass-hole – an invitation that a boy like Rivers doesn’t need to be shown twice!

Two horny railway-navvies – Benjamin Dunn & Sam Williams

Indeed, it’s hard to decide which of these fabulous studs is the hornier of the two, as they both take it in turns to feast and slurp on the handsome rods that are very quickly exposed.
It’s enough to send even the most self-restrained of porn fans (if there’s such a person!) into a dick-tugging frenzy; and by the time Dunn creams the contents of his comparatively hair-free balls over his mate’s expectant lips there’s every possibility that a whole tsunami of hot jizz will have been spilled in appreciation. No question about it, folks, you are never gonna look at the guys who work on the railways the same again! Everyone loves a dirty man – and they don’t come any dirtier than the guys who work on the railways. As ably demonstrated here by Sam Williams and Benjamin Dunn, two very sexy guys (as we surely all already know), who can’t wait to strip out of their standard-issue dungarees so that they can explore the fine expanse of smooth, hairless flesh that lies beneath.
First Williams sucks Dunn, then Dunn sucks Williams; then the two buddies take full advantage of one of the engine-room’s work-pits to repeat the exercise once again. Indeed, it’s difficult to decide from watching this pair of hyper-sexed workers as to who will eventually succumb to the ultimate temptation and play out the role of cock-crazed bottom. In the end, however, that particular honour goes to Williams; whilst Dunn hammers home full advantage courtesy of a whole range of ass-splitting positions.

Two horny Christmas angels – Jaro Stone & Yuri Adamov

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And, unlike a good many gifts that we find under the tree on Christmas morning, this pair of cock-hungry beauties doesn’t disappoint! Not that you’d ever expect them to, of course, given their reputation for producing some of the hottest twink action around; and needless to say it’s barely sixty seconds before Adamov is firmly ensconced between Stone’s legs and is giving his buddy’s oversized missile-launcher the kind of heavy-lipped attention that it unquestionably deserves. Christmas. A time for expressing your love to your nearest and dearest – a sentiment that STAXUS favourites, Jaro Stone and Yuri Adamov, are only too keen to demonstrate in this terrific festive encounter.
No question about it, you’re gonna just love seeing these two adorable Christmas angels giving it all they’ve got in the quest for seasonal satisfaction; and rest assured it isn’t long before Adamov is knocking out a well-deserved load of pent-up twink goo! Leaving Stone to splatter his heavy wad all around his mate’s mouth – Adamov happily slurping away on the spent shaft!
Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest here, this is one horny young Russian who very clearly can’t get enough of Slavic dick; and having enjoyed a top-notch session of energetic 69-ing against a twinkling backdrop of fairy lights, he’s ready to ride every rock hard inch that Stone can fire in his direction. Like a bitch in season, this boy grinds his raw, open ass down on his mate’s ramrod with characteristic gusto; before turning around and inviting Stone to pound away to his heart’s content from behind!